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Welcome to Quarrysafe UK

This website has been created for the UK quarrying industry as part of the Target Zero initiative to give easy access to material and guidance developed for improving the management of occupational health and safety. This work offers a systematic approach to managing health and safety within the context of overall business effectiveness, as reinforced in the following vision and key indicators of good health and safety performance.

The Safety and Health Vision for the UK Quarry Industry

Steady progress across all companies on the journey to Zero Harm, based upon.....

....visible commitment by senior managers
frequently demonstrated in word and deed

.... the involvement of all employees
identifying and controlling risks to all

....excellent communications in all directions
from purchase and design through to product dispatch

....competence of managers, workforce, contractors
requirements understood and delivered in performance

....processes effectively driving continuous improvement
embedded into established ways of doing business

....excellent occupational health management
meeting the highest world class standards

The following is currently available at this website:

A Behavioural Safety process that has been extensively trialled in quarry situations.

A Quarry Health and Safety Management System, including

  • a guide to developing the system
  • a system specification that is compatible with accreditation to OHSAS 18001 and includes the use of leading indicators, with many useful links, legal aspects and notes;
  • risk assessment guidance;
  • a list of relevant legislation;
  • an audit pro forma with check lists;
  • management system review guidance;
  • a model 'permit to work' procedure;
  • a model emergency procedure;
  • a model isolation procedure;
  • guidance on the reporting of hazards, unsafe behaviour and 'near miss' incidents; and
  • a rating sheet for leading indicators that may be used within a quarrying company.

Also, specifically for smaller businesses:

  • an audit pro forma with check lists adapted for a single quarry small business.

A 'links' page with useful contacts to other information relating to quarrying, including other 'Target Zero' material.

A link to education material on health and safety for students.


More material will be added as it becomes available. Use the buttons on the left to explore the content of Quarrysafe UK.


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The authors are grateful for the support of the leading industrial minerals producer WBB Minerals for access to their quarry sites for field research during the development of some of the material provided on this website.

The content of this website has been developed for the quarrying industry by the Camborne School of Mines

The Camborne School of Mines is part of the University of Exeter (Cornwall Campus) and provides undergraduate and postgraduate education and a wide range of research for the minerals industry. Recognised Explosives Supervisor and Shotfirer courses are also provided.